Hippocrates Circle

Today's kids, tomorrow's physicians

Our mission

Hippocrates Circle aims to increase the diversity of the incoming physician population by creating a pathway program to expose young, diverse, middle school students (7th and 8th graders) to physician careers. This program strengthens Kaiser Permanente’s linkages with the community by supporting broader educational experiences, thus, encouraging diverse students to pursue higher education in medicine. Students enrolled in the Hippocrates Circle Program will have several opportunities in their fellowship to interact with practicing physicians that may reflect their own personal experience and diverse background.

Through the collaborative efforts of local school districts, medical schools, physicians from the Southern California Permanente Medical Group, and Kaiser Permanente Community Health sponsorship, the Hippocrates Circle Program strives to strengthen the self-esteem of young people and empower them to pursue their goal to become a physician.

Expose & educate - Introduce a pathway towards becoming a physician and increase understanding of various roles physicians play in the healthcare field.

Facilitate experience - Create opportunities to interact with physicians of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Motivate - Activate a desire within students to explore and start the planning process to achieve personal educational goals.

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